The Sacrifice of Submission by TD Jakes [6.27.10]

Posted: June 27, 2010 in Chris' thoughts, Kate's thoughts

TD Jakes

Here are some of our notes from this AM’s LiveStream from TD Jakes @ The Potter’s House:

If no one submits, nothing gets accomplished.

You have to be strong to submit.

When you’re weak, you have to have it your way.

The person who walks away from the argument is stronger than those that have to have the last word.

It’s dangerous to be led by someone in authority who’s not under authority.

When God really trains you for leadership, He give you servant hood.

You have to be both in and under authority.

When people get in absolute power… strange perversions occur when you’re not submitted… and we can’t get anything done through self-enthroned egoists.

How can you learn anything if you’re omniscient?

What happens if your perception is misconstrued and you’re wrong?

Submission requires trust.

Let’s start with God… surely we trust Him, right?? As long as it’s what we want to hear!!

People in ministry are spoon-feeding the church only what they want to hear… the American church has been eating chicken nuggets for 10 years!!

What flesh wants is to be acknowledged. When flesh doesn’t get acknowledged — flesh gets mad.

The disciples were arguing about who was gonna sit at the right hand of Jesus… until they found out He was going to a cross!

Jesus went to the Garden of Gethsemane and He gave his disciples the greatest compliment by NEEDING them and they slept through it.

What makes a sacrifice to God is not what you give but how much it costs you.

If it costs you something — it means more.

Submission is when you do something you absolutely don’t want to do. Agreement is when you do something you were already gonna do anyway.

Jesus was being pressed on both sides. It’s one thing to be pushed — but if you only have one problem pushing on you, there’s always somewhere to go.

Real prayer is not resolved real quick. Jesus prayed 3x in the Garden. Paul prayed 3x for the thorn in the flesh to be removed. Deep stuff takes deep prayer.

In the Garden, Jesus comes to a place where He’s not trying to bring his will AND God’s will together. Jesus SUBMITS and says “Not my will, but Yours be done.”

Jesus says “why are all of My children fighting to go up when all I did was try to go down?”

You need to open up to God and give Him your heart not your agenda… and we must ask “what is God trying to do in me?”

Say yes to God. Not my way. Not my will but Yours be done. Give yourself to the Holy Spirit… our agenda, our plan, our desires, our flesh, our emotions and feelings.

  1. Chris says:

    Great stuff Chris. Really thought provoking.

  2. veronica says:

    this is a powerful sermon. Thanx T.D.Jakes it does make a difference

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